Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

oil warning lightThe engine is one of the most important parts of your car. Without a working engine, you won’t be able to get around Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or South Valley.

Engine oil is what helps keep an engine healthy since it lubricates the moving parts and keeps them nice and cool. Due to its importance, it’s vital to know when oil is running low to prevent engine failure.

We’ll tell you what the common symptoms of low engine oil are, so you can be prepared to schedule service at Jaguar Albuquerque as soon as possible.

1. Oil Pressure Warning Light

One of first signs that you’re running low on oil is the appearance of the oil pressure warning light. When you see the image of an oil can appear on your vehicle’s dashboard, there’s a good chance that you’re running low on oil.

The light is connected to a sensor that monitors the oil’s level. So, once that warning lights comes on, you’ll want to get your car checked out by a service technician sooner rather than later.

2. Burning Oil Smell

We mentioned before that the engine is made up of a lot of different moving parts. Many of those parts are made of metal and make regular contact with each other.

Jaguar E-PaceThe constant metal-on-metal contact creates intense friction. The oil is what keeps the heat at a minimum by cooling off the components. When you’re low on oil, though, the parts can’t stay cool. As a result, you’ll start to notice a burning smell making its way into your car’s cabin.

3. Less Fuel-Efficient Performance

The engine is considered to be the “heart” of a vehicle, with the oil acting as the “blood.” The heart needs to be constantly pumping blood to stay healthy.

However, if the engine is low on oil, it needs to pump harder (so to speak) to maintain its performance. The harder the engine works, the lower your fuel economy would be. So, if it seems that you need to get gas more frequently than normal, then an oil change might be in order.

4. Clunking Sound

This symptom will usually occur when you’ve had a low amount of oil for a while. As we mentioned before, low oil results in a great deal of friction. When there’s a lot of friction and a lack of lubrication, the engine rods can get loosened significantly. The rods are what keep the pistons tightly secured. So, when the rods get loose, they get thrown around inside the engine and cause you to hear a loud clunking sound.

5. Dipstick Test

oil dip stickAll the symptoms listed above are great ways to determine if your vehicle is running low on oil. However, there’s one surefire technique that’ll show if your almost out of engine oil: checking the dipstick.

Make sure the engine is turned off and has had time to cool down. Then, lift up the hood and locate the dipstick. Take it out, wipe it clean with a rag, and place it back in the reservoir. Take it out again and see where the oil ends on the dipstick. If it’s below the minimum line, then you know more oil needs to be added as soon as possible.

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