Squeaking Brakes: What to Do?

Break Repair near Albuquerque, NM What do you do when you hear squeaking brakes? It’s an age-old question that has a range of possible answers, from doing nothing (some brake noise is perfectly normal) to scheduling maintenance as soon as possible to prevent loss of brake function.

At Jaguar Albuquerque, we want to help drivers across South Valley, Rio Rancho, and Albuquerque parse out the difference between different kinds of brake noises and the right way to respond. When you take good care of your brakes, you’ll be much safer behind the wheel!

Normal Brake Noises

Brake Pads Causing Squeaking

It’s not uncommon for brake pads to make some squeaking noises, especially early in the morning after a rainy or dewy night. If you leave your car outside overnight, all that moisture will collect on the brake discs and form a thin layer of rust. In this case, the squeaking sound you hear is just the brake pads scraping off the rust.

How will you know if this is the case? Monitor your brake squeaking, and if it goes away after the first few times you stop the car, there’s a good chance it was just moisture. You won’t need service for this kind of squeaking, but you can avoid it by keeping your car in a sealed garage overnight and during wet weather.

Brake Repair Warning

Oftentimes, squeaky brakes aren’t a problem, but a warning of a problem to come. Many cars have built-in wear indicator clips that are designed to emit a squealing sound when the brake pads wear down sufficiently to be replaced.

You can confirm this visually, usually without even removing the wheel. Generally, you can see your brake pads through the wheels. If the frictional material is wearing down—or completely gone, and you’re left with metal on metal—it’s time to replace your brake pad.

Glazed Pads or Rotors

Rotors Causing Squeaking

Brakes that are squeaking can also be a result of glazed brake pads or rotors. Heat generated from friction between the pads and rotors can cause both to glaze over, making them less effective at doing their jobs. If the pads are hardened over, you’ll probably need to come in to get your brakes repaired to keep them in prime condition.

Glazed rotors, however, can often be resurfaced rather than totally replaced, getting you more value from your current set. A certified Jaguar technician can examine your rotors and help determine whether resurfacing will work in your case or whether you should get a new set of rotors.

Fix Your Squeaking Brakes Today!

If there’s a problem with your pads, rotors, calipers, or any other aspect of your brakes, our trained and certified technicians will diagnose it and find the right solution to keep you on the roads of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and South Valley. If any repairs need to be performed, you can count on genuine OEM parts for unsurpassed quality and reliability!  

If you think your squeaking brakes are symptomatic of a larger problem—or you just want a second opinion—schedule a schedule a service appointment today at Jaguar Albuquerque.