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At Jaguar Albuquerque, we implore our drivers in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and South Valley to follow through on the important services their luxury car needs to perform at its best. One of the most common forms of automotive maintenance is the oil change. Your oil should be changed at least a few times a year depending on how much you drive.

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

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We’re here to give you a few pointers on oil, oil changes, and where you can get an oil change near you.

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What Does Oil Do for My Car?

Oil is a crucial component to your vehicle’s health and performance. There are several moving parts in your engine that often rub against each other. Oil helps lubricate these parts to allow them to function without causing damage to each other. Oil also helps reduce the friction that’s created from these moving metal parts by keeping them cool and preventing your engine from overheating.

Why Do I Have to Have My Oil Changed?

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In addition to keeping your engine lubricated, oil also helps keep the metal engine components clean. While it’s moving around, lubricating, and cooling the parts, it picks up the dirt and debris that are in your engine. By cleaning the parts, they can continue to function efficiently; however, over time your oil picks up more and more debris and gets dirty and less effective at performing its duties.

When oil is first poured in, it looks golden brown, but when it’s being removed, it has a much darker, sludge-like appearance. The oil holds the remaining dirt and materials that weren’t caught by the oil filter. When oil has this appearance, you’ll need to change it before you start to see some of the warning signs that you need to schedule an oil change.

What are the Warning Signs That I Need to Have My Oil Changed?

oil change near me The signs for an oil change vary from vehicle to vehicle, but you can always count on a set mileage to have your oil change. If you lose track of your miles, you can always look for the oil change warning signs that will appear to give you a hint that it’s time to schedule an oil change near you. If you put off an oil change for too long, these signs will be more prevalent, your vehicle’s performance will become sluggish, and your fuel efficiency will drop. If you wait long enough, your engine will seize and break down, resulting in costly repairs or even a full replacement. Here are the signs to look out for:

  • The oil appears dark and gritty on the dipstick.
  • Your engine is performing a lot louder than usual.
  • You can smell oil inside the cabin.
  • Dark smoke coming from your exhaust pipe.
  • Your Oil Change/Check Engine Light illuminates on your dashboard.

Where to Schedule an Oil Change near Me

Whether you’ve noticed the signs that you need an oil change, or you’ve kept track of your mileage, it’s important to find the right spot for an oil change near you. At Jaguar Albuquerque, we’re happy to help drivers get the most out of their experiences on the road. When it’s time for an oil change, you can always schedule service at our service center.

At Jaguar Albuquerque, we’re happy to help drivers in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and South Valley when it comes to maintaining and caring for their vehicle. Stay ahead of your vehicle’s well-being by scheduling your oil change with us today!