How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car Batteries Replacement near Albuquerque
Every day, drivers step inside their vehicles, turn the key, and get on with their day. However, there are times when your Jaguar just doesn’t want to turn over or might need a jump-start to get going. If this issue is happening, it might be related to the car’s battery.

The battery is an important part of your car. If it’s working properly, you’ll be able to take on the roads of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and South Valley in style. If your car isn’t starting and you suspect the battery is dead, the team at Jaguar Albuquerque can provide efficient service to return you to the roadways as soon as possible. So, how long does a car battery last?

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The Life of a Car Battery

Car Battery Repair near Albuquerque

The average car battery life for a gas or diesel engine lasts around four or five years, while a hybrid or electric battery can last around eight years. As you might expect, there are many factors that can make that number fluctuate a bit.

Warmer climates can increase wear and tear on a battery. In warmer environments, your battery can wear down faster due to water loss or a build-up of lead sulfate crystals, which prevent the battery from working properly.

Driving habits also affect the life of a car battery. A lot of stop-and-go driving, or short trips that are around 15 to 20 minutes, don’t give the alternator enough time to recharge, using more battery power in the process.

But how do you know when it’s time for a new battery? If it’s time to schedule an appointment with our authorized dealer for a battery upgrade, there are a few things you can look out for.

The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Battery & How It Works

We all know that you need your battery to work in order to drive, but how does that happen? Simply put, your battery provides jolts of electricity to every electrical component inside your car. The battery converts its energy from chemical to electrical, allowing it to transfer voltage to your car’s starter.

To keep that flow of power going, it stabilizes the voltage from its power supply in order to keep your engine running. Though this component may be small, it holds a lot of responsibility. And when it cannot do its job correctly, it results in your vehicle being unable to start.

To avoid this from happening as much as possible, learning about the lifespan of a battery is a great place to begin.

Changing Your Car Battery – Warning Signs to Watch For

Albuquerque Check Battery Light Dashboard of CarLuckily enough, your vehicle will let you know when something is wrong, and it’s no different when it comes to your battery. While driving, make sure you always keep a lookout for the following warning signs, as they are the most common.

  • Problems Starting Up – If your car sluggishly starts or you have to crank the key in the ignition a few times to get things going, that may be a sign that the battery is nearing its useful end and you might need a Jaguar battery replacement.
  • Faulty Electrical – Also, pay attention to the electronic components. If headlights start to flicker, power windows close more slowly than before, or the radio starts acting up, you might want to consider having the battery replaced. All these electronic accessories (and others like power seats, windshield wipers, or dashboard lights) need electricity from the battery, so if more than one starts to give you trouble, think about the last time you had the battery replaced.
  • Check Battery Light – Another tell-tale sign that your battery may be on the fritz is that your check battery or check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard. If this pops up while you’re driving, pull off to the side of the road when it’s safe to do so. Then, turn off all unnecessary electrical components and reach out to an authorized technician to see what you should do next.
  • Rotten Egg Smell – Unusual smells in your vehicle are never a good sign. If you’re sniffing that awful stench that resembles rotten eggs, there could be a leak in your battery line. This means it might be time for a new battery.

Checking Your Battery

A visual check of the battery is never a bad idea. Once every few months, pop the hood and look for any stains or corrosion around the battery. If anything is visible to the naked eye, it’s possible the battery is no longer usable or you may just need to clean the terminal.

When doing this, you can also check for leaks and a swelling battery case; and check your battery’s fluid level. This can be seen in the translucent part of your battery casing.

Jaguar Service Center

Jaguar Service Center AlbuquerqueA car battery won’t last forever, and our service professionals understand that, which is why we’re proud to have a state-of-the-art service center for all our customers.

Our trained auto technicians can place a new battery in your vehicle, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Additionally, if you’re in need of another service, such as an oil change, brake repair, or a look at the transmission, we can take care of that for you, as well.

We also offer service specials to help you save on your next maintenance appointment. Be sure to check them out before stopping into our service center, as they do change.

Complete Car Battery Service

Your car’s battery is an important part of the vehicle. If you suspect that your battery is dead, or you’ve seen some of the signs of a weakening battery mentioned in this article, it might be time for a visit to Jaguar Albuquerque.

We’re always happy to assist drivers in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and South Valley area. Make sure your car battery provides an optimal start-up every time you step inside your vehicle. Schedule a service appointment today!

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